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Emmaus MotoTours
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by Justin Anderson on Emmaus MotoTours

This was my first group guided tour, John the group leader was kind enough to offer to ride down to the start together.
John is a perfect guide, patient, knowledgeable, and a great rider.
Our group was 7 or 8 and we had a great time together, the group was a mix of rider skill levels, and everyone was able to go at there own pace without any pressure.
John had planned some great places to stop over night and also lunch stops.
I will for sure be doing more trips.

Thanks Justin. The ride down to the start of the mabdr was really great...except for Daniel's bike problems. We did have a great group and hope we do get to ride together again.

by Shmuli on Emmaus MotoTours
Blessed to have met John

John made our NEBDR happen.

He rented us 2 Yamaha T 700 in excellent condition and provided us with a very fair quote to drive all 4 of our bikes (and us) to the Canada border -where we started the NEBDR.

John was incredibly patient and knowledgeable, spending a lot of time getting us ready for the trip. both on the phone - weeks before the trip, and the day of - setting us / packing the bikes.

His sense of humor and awesome personality made for a very fun 8 hours drive in the car together.

First and foremost John is a truly honest and kind man.

I will be working with him again!

Thanks Shmuli. It was a pleasure meeting you all and glad I was able to help. Hope we get to ride together sometime. L'Shana Tova

by Liam Traver on Emmaus MotoTours

I did the MABDR for the first time in early Sep with EmmausMotoTours and it was a blast for the best price I have seen out there. I look forward to doing another BDR with John in the future!

John is very flexible and can accommodate different things if you bring it up early so he can plan ahead. Our group split into a camping group and hotel group.

If you are concerned about who you are riding with skill-wise, our group broke into two groups for the first two days linking up at the stops/major turns, until everyone got more comfortable and picked up speed where we merged back into one group. Sometimes, it just takes a few days for a group of new people to get on the same page. It worked out great.

He was concerned about everyone having a good time, ensuring safety, and made sure we don't forget to stop at some of the important sites. He also has done the route a few times and knows the timing and favorable places to stop, eat, and sleep.

If you pay attention to how John rides you will learn a thing, or two and at the end of the trip will notice your riding improve. Don't be afraid to ask for pointers.

For someone new to the MABDR looking to book a route: We did the trip in 5 days starting from Abington on Monday and ending Saturday evening. For those who want to ride all day with minimal stops and not overly concerned with the sight seeing aspect, you will have a blast at a faster pace with longer riding days.

While I had a blast and requested a 5 day trip, if I did it again, I would do 6 days just to get into hotel/camp a little earlier, have more time to enjoy some of the sights around the towns etc. I found that with a 8-10 person group the stops can add up quick, and next thing you know, your setting up camp in the dark etc. All part of the fun in an adventure, which I don't mind. If you do mind, I would highly recommend the 6-7 day timeline and probably staying in a hotel since the campgrounds are going to be further from the sites and restaurants. I did a mix of both and really enjoyed it. Work with John on his recommendations of when to stay in a hotel vs. camp based on the section and whats around, how long of a day your riding, and how far away the camp/hotel is off the route so you can optimize your trip based on your needs.

Thanks Liam. In addition to planning trips and introducing people to ADV riding, I do hope new riders can pick up some riding tips along the way. I am not an experienced instructor by any means but do feel like I can share a few things to help improve a person's riding. I also totally agree with you on the length of the trip. I agreed so much that I lengthened the MABDR to 7 days instead of 5 for all the reasons you mentioned. Also reduced the group size a bit to make things a bit more intimate. Thanks again for doing the MABDR and being the stimulus for getting the AZBDR group together.

by James campagna on Emmaus MotoTours

Had a great ride, with rain, as it turned out I prefer rain over dust, John did a great job navigating us through all the little towns that i would have gone around in circles trying to find the trail. The accommodations once we left Damascus were superb, the small B+B’s were really nice and gave a custom feel to my ride, having been on several guided rides around the world i felt confident that we would be safe, John led a good pace for all of us and once we got the BaHa relay method going things moved really well, i would recommend this ride to any one who wants to Just Ride And have a great time and not think about all the logistics!

Thanks Jim. It was fun. And I really appreciated your support. I still cannot believe you carried an extra fuel pump for the 690 on the AZBDR!! 🙂

by David Butcher on Emmaus MotoTours

John did a great job ensuring everybody had a good ride from the inexperienced Rider up onto the experienced. We all had a great ride! I think it was very unique experience I highly recommend John he is a totally committed motorcyclist.

Thanks Dave. It was a pleasure having you along. Wished you could have made AZ but it looks like retirement is treating you well. Or are you treating retirement well? 🙂

by Devang on Emmaus MotoTours
Awesome Experience/Two Tours

I have done 2 tours with them (Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail and MABDR), well organized, balanced pace for all types of riders. Riders got help when needed. Will ride with them again, thanks for the awesome experience.

Thanks Devang. I really enjoyed riding with you. You have such a great attitude and sense of humor. Really helped make the trip enjoyable for all.

by daniel on Emmaus MotoTours
Excellent bike and excellent guy!

John went above and beyond to make my trip happen. Thanks again!

Thanks Daniel. You left the bike in immaculate shape. Glad you got to experience the forests of Pa.

by Lance David on Emmaus MotoTours
MABDR so beautiful

A group of us from the Midwest just getting into adv riding decided to do the MABDR and thought it would be wise to use a guide for our first go at it. I am happy we chose Emmaus. John was very easy to get along with and worked hard to make the tour enjoyable. We had a diverse group of riders, some novice and some riding on and off road their whole lives. It was a challenge for John to keep the go fast guys and the newbies happy but he did a great job. We also challenged him because 4 of us camped and 5 stayed in hotels and B&Bs, so coordination wasn't easy but he made it work. Overall I would tour with Emmaus again. I don't think I would even look elsewhere for a guide.

Thanks so much Lance. Sorry for the delay in posting this. Still getting used to the intricacies of the website. Glad you decided to do the ride with Emmaus. It was a great trip and especially glad that you all followed up by doing the AZBDR this year. Thanks again and hope we get to ride together again. Utah 2022?

by Jack on Emmaus MotoTours
Amazing T.W.A.T. Tour

Thanks to our leaders John and Ben, along with all my fellow riders for an amazing time June 25 - 28! We had a wonderful trip. The scenery was beautiful, especially as we progressed North. Day 2 had some very fun and challenging sections that reminded us why we are riding Adv Bikes shod with knobbies. Nothing crazy hard, my KLR was a good match for the T.W.A.T. tour and all of our group got thru fine. This may be an annual trip for me!

Thanks Jack. Sorry I missed this review. Didn't realize I was supposed to approve them to have them posted. Live and learn. Enjoyed you and the rest on the Wisconsin Adventure ride.

by Eors Revesz on Emmaus MotoTours
Awesome experience

Participated in the inaugural Trans-Wisconsin Adventure Trail ride with Emmaus MotoTours. The event was expertly guided with plenty of flex built into the schedule to accommodate any mechanical and other challenges we encountered along the way. Unforgettable sights, good food and mid-range hotel accommodations made this an ideal way to explore Western Wisconsin on two wheels. Highlights include the Delta Diner (featured on Food Network), the Mississippi River bank and reaching Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands. Our guide provided peace of mind knowing navigation and minor mechanical issues could be addressed without ending the day. I would love to do this or another MotoRide event in the future.

Thanks for the nice words Eors. Hope we can do another ride sometime.

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