One of our missions at Emmaus MotoTours is to connect riders with the wider Adventure Bike community and to other businesses that share our goal of bringing valued resources to our clients. These links are ADV businesses that we feel help accomplish this goal, many of whom we have had direct experience with, and therefore feel comfortable recommending them to our visitors.

Celtic Rider

Celtic Rider offers a great selection of motorcycle tours in Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe. Located in Dublin, they offer a wide range of bikes and tours to choose from. Highly recommended if you’re looking to travel across the pond.

Visit Celtic Rider’s Website

Backcountry Discovery Routes®

Backcountry Discovery Routes® is a non-profit organization that creates and maintains off-highway routes for adventure motorcycle travel throughout the United States. The organization performs a number of different functions: 

  • Create: Develop & Preserve Adventure Riding Opportunities.
  • Inspire: Motivate People to Discover the Backcountry by Motorcycle.
  • Advocate: Be the Voice for Adventure Motorcyclists. 
  • Educate: Promote Safety, Share Knowledge and Inform the Community.
  • Impact: Make Sustainable Economic Impact in Rural Areas.

Many of the tours we offer here at Emmaus MotoTours take advantage of these wonderful routes. 

Visit BDR’s Website

Riders Share Motorcycle Rentals

Riders Share is an interesting service I came across recently. It is basically and Air B and B for motorcycles. People list their personal motorcycles with the site and rent them to people who want to ride in their area. I will be renting with them in December when I have a speaking engagement in San Diego.

Check them out. This may also be a good option if you are planning on doing one of our tours and need to rent a bike.

Visit the Rider Share Website

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