We Take the Road Less Traveled

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“…small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it”

(Matthew 7:14)

Emmaus MotoTours

A New Kind of Motorcycle Tour Company

Adventure Motorcycle Tours

Beautiful Places

We focus on the Backcountry Discovery Routes®, which are located throughout the United States. These tours will take you through some of the most breathtakingly scenery you’ll ever see. 

Motorcycle Adventure Tours

Amazing Roads / Trails

Most of our tours are off road, which is a big part of the adventure. You’ll experience varied terrain that will test your skills and your focus and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment every day. 

Motorcycle Adventure Tours

Lifetime Memories

We created Emmaus MotoTours to help others and ourselves create great experiences and great memories. We do our best to help you create memories you’ll be talking about for years to come.

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If you have a group that would like to set up a tour not listed on our site, please contact us and we would be happy to arrange a custom tour for your group. 

“Our goal is for our motorcycle adventure tour clients to experience the same rewards that we do every time we ride – The sense of exploration, seeing new sights and, most of all, meeting new people and developing friendships.”

John Ciribassi – Founder of Emmaus MotoTours

About Our Backcountry Motorcycle Tours

Extensive Planning

Our guides conduct extensive research on all of the routes we offer, including possible complications, alternate routes, possible weather issues, and more. We do our homework so you don’t have to. At Emmaus MotoTours, you can expect your guide to not only be friendly, but thoroughly and exceptionally prepared. We always have a backup plan for our backup plan. 

Expert Guides

All of our tours are led by guides with extensive experience in long adventure motorcycle trips. Our guides have an in-depth knowledge of mechanics, navigation, travel health, and are first aid certified. 

Tailored Trips

What sets us apart from other tour companies is our ability to provide tailored guidance based on your skill level, allowing you the flexibility to ride at your own pace without pressure or stress. 

Focus on Safety

Safety comes first at Emmaus MotoTours. We understand the importance of having a detailed plan in place, and guides that are well versed in first aid, motorcycle maintenance, and general problem solving. That way, we can mitigate the regular risks that you might encounter in ways that you can’t do riding alone or in a small group. 

“Adventure riding is one of the fastest growing classes of motorcycling for good reason. Adventure bikes are some of the most versatile and capable motorcycles you can buy. They are comfortable enough to conquer hundreds of miles of interstate without a whimper, and they are rugged enough to climb the highest mountain passes.”

AMA – American Motorcycle Association

Upcoming Motorcycle Adventure Tours

Utah Backcountry Discovery Route – September 2024

Mexican Hat, Utah
Utah-Idaho Border
Join us as we tackle the 11th route in the Backcountry Discovery Route (BDR) series. The WYBDR covers 900 miles of some of the most remote riding in America. The... More

Pennsylvania Wilds BDR-X Tour July 2024

4 days
Lewisburg, Pa
Lewisburg Pa
The Pa Wilds BDR-X tour is a 4 day ride through the scenic backroads and forests of North Central Pa. The ride encompasses 500 miles and will be covered in... More

Pennsylvania’s Endless Mountains Tour October 2024

3 days
Mansfield, Pa
Mansfield, Pa
The Pennsylvania Endless Mountains Tour will be a perfect ride for the new Adventure Motorcycle rider. This tour is made up of 3 160 mile loops that begin and end... More

Mid Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route June 2024

7 days
Damascus, Va
Lawrenceville, Pa
MABDR® is a scenic ride for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles that uses dirt, gravel and paved roads to wind through remote parts of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Starting in... More

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